Thank You Maria!

Last night I was supposed to go to dinner with my friend Maria. We had planned on going to someplace like Campisi’s or Cuba Libre and she was supposed to be buying since I built the New Year’s Eve Ball website. She met me at my place at 7:15 and then said we were going to someplace and it was a secret. We ended up at Cantina Laredo and I have to admit I was sort of surprised. Cantina Laredo is good, but it is no Campisi’s or Cuba Libre. But, I was with her and she was looking hot and so I was happy.

We went inside and she asked the host, “Is there a wait?” And he said, “No” and then Maria said, “Let me check on something” and I thought she said she needed to go to the bathroom and then she sort of motioned for me to follow her. I started walking with her and then I saw her parents. I thought how odd that they were there and then I saw this huge table filled with about 24 people and they all yelled “Surprise!”

I was overwhelmed and elated. This was the biggest surprise party ever thrown for me. All my friends from Stonebriar were there and even my sisters! I didn’t know Maria even knew how to get in touch with my sisters, but I guess that is the beauty of MySpace. She tracked them down and they were there and I couldn’t believe it.

I also got lots of presents and cards and a couple of the friends wrote me an Ode that I wanted to share with you.

An Ode to Eddie

Although I don’t know you well
I still think you’re really swell.
With you my first memory
Was at Maria’s party
You busted a move
You really know how to groove
At first I thought it was a joke
But you proved to be no bloke
Yeah, you really showed us
You almost made Erin cuss.
With your laugh and energy
It’s easy to see
Why there’s so many people at this table
We love you, it’s no fable
Have a happy birthday
Let’s be friends, okay?

Erin, Becky, and Stewart (Famous poets keep this card)

It was such a wonderful evening. Maria even invited my parents. I wish that they could have made it.

A special thanks to Maria, Andrew and Kaleena for the gift of silverware! I had only 3 forks and about 4 spoons and now I have a new 50 piece set! Debbie, I am wearing the Issy Miyake cologne you gave me right now and I smell amazing. Thank you so much for the cologne and the hilarious card. Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts and even just showed up and gifted me with your presence – that alone would have been more than enough.

Thanks again to Maria for taking the time to plan such an amazing party. I know how much work you went through and it all paid off. I’ll never forget it.

I love you all. Each of you are a blessing to me.


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