House Hunting

My lease is up next year at the end of April. I’ve been looking around at houses and I hate how I always find EXACTLY what I am looking for when the time isn’t right. I need to wait until my lease is up because in order to break it I will have to come up with “Accelerated Rent” plus pay the final months rent until someone rents the place. The thing is, “Accelerated Rent” is really just a monthly discount that I get each month of 55 dollars. If I terminate early I have to pay that discount back. All of it for the past 8 months. 🙁 Boo.

So I found some great properties and hopefully they won’t sell until February and by then the price will drop on them exponentially as well as the interest rates.

So anyone here experienced with first time home buying? Got any tips? What to look for? What to be leary of? What bank did you use? Were you happy with them?

I’m open to any and all feedback.

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