Dead Funny

The FBI contacted me a couple months back and that is why I haven’t been posting as much lately. A young woman who lived in Arizona was found dead with a smile on her face. The police were puzzled and upon further inspection of her computer it appeared that she had been reading Posted They made note of their findings but deemed them inconsequential. The case was closed and they never found a reason for the woman’s death.

Two days later a man was found in Pensacola, Florida with apparent lung failure. Autopsy reports showed that his insides had literally exploded, but they couldn’t find a reason. Investigation of the man’s home found bookmark after bookmark of “hilarious blogs from”.

36 deaths in total and the only thing that all the victims had in common was that they all were readers of postednote and all of them had severe lung and abdominal trauma.

Diagnosis: Death from explosive laughter.

FBI Agent Marek Sagan contacted me and called me into the office. After lengthy interrogation I was released but told not to leave the country or even the state for that matter. I was also told to stop being so funny and that is why Posted Note has been a little less than hilarious lately.

The funny thing is that I didn’t realize that when people said, “Eddo, you are killing me with these posts!” or “Eddo, YOU SLAY ME!! HAHAHA!” that they were being serious.

So I plan on bringing back the funny, but hopefully it won’t be so cold and calculating and so… deadly.

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