Design… way out of reach.

Jimmy of ebumpkin fame is one of my closest friends. He and a handful of other guys know me better than my own family. (Mostly because there are some things that your family should never know about you like that time you danced with an entertainment center at a party and it fell on you)

Jimmy and I lived together for a while and both of us have simimlar interests when it comes to design, writing, and anything creative. (however, he is much better than me at programming and playing piano) One time we did a creative book study where we read and discussed The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This was Jimmy’s idea, I am creative but not creative enough to think up a book study where we could discuss our own creativity and bounce ideas off of each other. It ended up being a great learning experience and over the years I have broadened my creativity horizons because I realized that there are some creative things in this world, things much more creative than what you might find in Sanger, Texas population 4,283.

Jimmy lives in China now and we still discuss our creative goals on occasion, but lately I haven’t set any. I write here on this blog, but I don’t really write anything that requires a lot of mental exercisse and I do a few design projects, but I’m not doing as much creatively as I would like to and since I’m not doing anything creative it makes me want to purchase something creative… like these weird doll things to put in my cube at work…

I subscribe to the Design Within Reach email newsletter. It is always full of interesting things and these dolls were in this month’s newsletter. Iit is amazing how art really does imitate life and how if you want to buy anything that is considered “art” then it may cost you your life… or at least your 401k.

I figured these dolls would be overpriced at 50 dollars a doll. Guess how much they really are… $145 each! I have got to start making random things and calling it art!!

Oh, and finally a tidbit from Jimmy’s site since it is related to Thanksgiving:

February 21, 2006 by Baixue

“I have never been to Kenturkey.” – Chinese student

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