Analogies, Similes, Metaphors

Sometimes when I am sitting in my car or at home a simile or metaphor will come to me and I think it sounds nice, but I don’t have anything to do with it. I need to start writing them down and so here are some that I remember. I email them to myself from my BlackBerry or pieces of them and here are some of them.

His hair reminded me of Ronald McDonald, if Ronald’s hair had suddenly turned from bright red to salt and pepper gray.

Spending time with Johnny was about as pleasant as a hemarrhoid flare up.

… sitting at the counter devouring mashed potatoes that were as tasteless as the decor.

I listened intently, the way someone might listen for the devil in the dark.

His narrow face and white beard made him look more goat than human.

We sat there in silence, silence that was so thick that if it were cheese you could shred it and make nachos.

We were so miserable that even an eternity in hell started to sound like a trip to Fiji.

His skin was so dark it appeared to consume the light around him like a black hole.

The wind tickled the trees and the leaves laughed. The sound reminded me of Elmo.

His hair was golden and greasy, it appeared that someone had misplaced a large basket of curly fries.

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