Weekend Update

Do Not!: Go and see Harsh Times with Eva Longoria and Christian Bale. This is possibly the worst movie since A Simple Plan starring Billy Bob Thornton. After watching either of these movies you may want to just cram a grenade in your mouth and pull the pin to put yourself our of your misery.

Do: Watch The Sentinel also featuring the lovely Eva Longoria. The Sentinel got bad reviews but I thought it was pretty good. Or maybe it was just good compared to the last few films I have seen. Like Nacho Libre which I believe is translated to mean Free Nacho. Which is ALWAYS a good thing, I mean really, Free Nacho, or even Nachos – you can’t go wrong, but if you watch this movie then yes, you can go wrong because it is full of UGLY people and wow, it was hard to watch.

Predominantly African American Churches: I visited one on Sunday and it was fun. The music was great, the teaching was great, but my ears hurt a little bit afterward and I was hot from all the clapping and standing up and sitting down. Church can sometimes be a workout.

Speaking of Church: I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, “Jesus please protect me from your followers.” And I thought how sad that was, but also how true. Christians need to remember to LOVE people as Christ loved us. Not to be judgemental or to point fingers or to be haters. LOVE conquers all.

Mrs. Fields: She makes cookies and if you ever have a chance to eat one of her “Debra’s Special Cookies” DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pass up this opporunity. I actually believe that there was a translation issue in the New Testament and that the Forbidden Fruit was not a fruit at all but a cookie. “Debra’s Special Cookie” because once you have tried it, you cannot resist the tempation!!!!! Don’t even try to! It’s FUTILE!!

ManiAACs: We perform tomorrow night and so watch the Mavs whoop up on the Chicago Bulls and maybe you will see me in my camo pants doing a military style routine. It’s OFF THE CHAIN!!!

Dickey’s Barbecue: Has really good rolls and if you eat 4 of them then you might get really, really bad indigestion even if normally you have an iron gut.

Relationships: Are important, but all relationships require lots of work, time, commitment and most of all – Money. Invest wisely.

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