You can be Dr. Phil or Oprah

The problem with blogging is that sometimes it is nice to get objective feedback. However, sometimes the people that you need to ask about read your blog and no matter how descriptive or allegorical that you get, they will still know that you are talking about them. Ugh.

If you are me then you feel the need to air everything with everyone. I am a sharer. I share my life with people. Every part. I have very few secrets. So right now I am in a lurch of sorts, I need feedback, advice, information from my beloved readers, but… I can’t write about it because the person I am writing about may read this blog.

So the only people I have to talk to about this problem are the people that are in my life and sometimes they aren’t as objective as I would like them to be because they love me and invariably they are going to be on my side whether I need them to be on my side or not.

The internet, in all it’s glorious anonymity, is good at telling me like it is. This is something that we get rarely on a day-to-day basis. I used to love having two older sisters because they were like 2 filters. “Wait” they would scream. “You have a huge pimple on your forehead”. Or “Are you really going to wear that on a date?” Who knew that you can’t wear pinstriped paints with an orange plaid shirt?

My sister’s aren’t around anymore. I’m old and full of wisdom, but I rarely have anyone to tell me – Eddie, your face is getting fat, you need to put down that burrito. Or, “Eddie, you need to watch what you say, it isn’t as funny as you think it is.” Because shoot, I think everything I say is freaking hilarious.

So it would be nice to have a blog that I could write crap on and as questions and get feedback about stuff that I needed to keep anonymous. And maybe if you read this and you want to give me some feedback and you don’t know me in real life I will email you what I am talking about and you can give me some feedback and you can pretend to be Dr. Phil or Oprah. Won’t that be cool?

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