Weekend Update (One Day Late)

Friends: When they come into town you should try to have something planned to do. Don’t do like me and just force them to listen to you talk for hours.

Out-of-Towners: When visiting Eddie on the weekends be sure to bring clothes to play ultimate frisbee because only God is more important than frisbee and Eddie will leave you sitting in his house alone if you don’t want to play.

Nestle Toll House Break and Bake Cookies: There is no denying yourself at least 5 of these delectable delights so just yield to the temptation. There is nothing on earth better than a day filled with Ultimate Frisbee, Friends, and fresh baked cookies and milk.

Dad’s Birthday: Should be spent spending time with your dad, not gorging on scalloped potatoes filled with sauteed bacon, onions, butter, cream and swiss cheese.

Sunday Afternoons: Require a mandatory nap and a good football game, one in which the Cowboys don’t lose in the last 0 seconds of the game.

Kneepads: Should be worn when your ManiAAC practice requires you to get down on your knees no less than 30 times in a 3 hour period.

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