Weekend Observations

Karaoke: Trying to do Usher’s song “Yeah” is a lot harder to perform on stage than it is in my car.

Going Commando: Is best done with button fly jeans.

Couple Dancing: Should not be done with large groups. Especially if those large groups contain 3 guys and 12 girls. This makes it impossible to dance with the 2-6 girls that you might want to date. Instead you have to dance with 6-12 girls so that no one gets their feelings hurt and everyone has a good time.

Choreographed Dancing: Is much, much harder than it looks. It is even harder when you are trying to do it with 19 fat guys holding basketballs.

Children: In costume they are adorable, however, if you put 500 of them in costume inside a building it is kind of scary.

Ultimate Frisbee: Is very tiring when you play 3 on 3.

Patio Dining: Can be deadly when the wind levels reach 45MPH and you have to dodge flying umbrellas and debris imbetween bites.

Peanut Butter: Is the new Ketchup/Castup. I remember when I was little I hated celery but I would eat it if it had peanut butter on it and raisins. It was called “Ants on a Log”. Today I was thinking I needed to eat oatmeal because it is so healthy for you and I thought, hmmm… I bet it would be good with peanut butter in it, guess what, I liked it! Peanut Butter Oatmeal rocks!

Nephews: When they are mine they are always cute.

Eddo and Aiden


Ari Johnson is a Mavs Fan!

Eddo and the Dangerously Attractive Maria

Eddo with some friends right before we went dancing at Gilley’s

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