Texas beat OU 28-10 and OU almost got a second beating…

My cousin Chanc and his girlfriend Crystal were in town this weekend. They stayed with me and we had a great time, but I am worn out!

We went to On the Border in the West End to watch the game with some of Chanc and Crysta’s friends. When Texas scored I got up and cheered. This was not a smart thing to do considering that the place was filled with 98% OU fans, but that is what makes watching the game fun – having a little rivalry. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone in the building was inebriated and so you mix a group of hardly post pubescent college students with alcohol and a football game and you get a room full of diminished IQ’s. To say it plainly – retards. Some coward had the nerve to say “Fu– You!” to me when I cheered for Texas. He said it while my back was turned and so I did what any normal guy would do, I turned around and gave whoever it was the bird. (Yep, I’m not always nice, sorry) At this Chanc stood up because he was ready to fight and I stood up too because I was ready to scrap as well. I get so tired of being passive all the time and sometimes I want to fight, but when I stood up and turned around all I saw was a bunch of maroon shirts filled with children. Of course no one had the courage to stand up and challenge my cousin Chanc and I.

Chanc isn’t huge, but the great thing about him is that he is fearless. He has grown up wrestling and fighting and so he can scrap. Me, I didn’t grow up fighting, but I am 6 foot 5 and 350 and so rarely do I have anyone challenge me. I’m nice. I’m really nice, but even I have my limits and sometimes I get tired of people acting stupid.

Yesterday we went to the fair and had a great time and ate too much and today I am worn out and a little bit sick to my stomach, but I think I will live.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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