How to Annoy Me…

I am not a fan of unsolicted advice. Is anyone? I find it very annoying when someone comes up and tries to tell me how to do something. I am a very independent person and I like being able to figure things out for myself and so I don’t want someone coming along and trying to help.

What I have to remember is that the person giving the advice is only trying to help and that I shouldn’t want to bonk them on the head with my fist so that they will shut up. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

Lately I have had an onslaught of advice sent my direction and I always get irritated at the person trying to give it. As soon as he opens his mouth I cringe because I know it is going to be some helpful tip or trick and my word I don’t want to hear it. It could even be a useful bit of information but I just don’t want to hear it!!

So I know that 90% of this problem is me. I’m arrogant and I lack a certain amount of humility. I only want your advice when I ask for it. Thank you.

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