A 3 day conference that started with La Madeline and ended with Ugly Betty

For the last three days I have been at the Renaissance Worthington in Ft. Worth. Part of my fabulous new job is that I get to travel to exotic locales and live it up rockstar style, that is, if rockstars stay in hotels and instead of drinking and smoking pot they gorge themselves on high carb high taste foods.

After three days of eating non-stop I have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. I’m serious. The hotel we stayed at supplied not only breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they also provided snacks. M&M stuffed cookies, mini-corn dogs, nachos, pretzels and mustard, gatorade, Klondike bars, rocky road brownies, soft drinks, water, and gatorade! And that was just the snacks! For dinner the first night we had veal parmesan, broccoli fettuccini, scallops something or other and 3 types of bread. The last 2 days we had so much food that I won’t enumerate it all here, but two meals we had asparagus and that makes your pee smell weird and so I don’t suggest eating it two days in a row.

The hotel was gorgeous and I stayed on the top floor and I have pictures of my amazing view of Sundance square.

For entertainment we went to Billy Bob’s one night and I actually learned a new dance called the 16-step. It is a couples dance with 16 steps and some complicated turns, but it rocks! It looks so cool if you and your partner are really synchronized together. We also did a scavenger hunt inside Billy Bob’s and that was fun too.

So I finally returned home last night and I watched Grey’s Anatomy of course, but before that I watched Ugly Betty and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know who is dressing Betty in this show, but they should win an Emmy or something – clothes have never been so ugly – except for maybe Bjork’s clothes, they are pretty awful too.

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