If you’re using a dryer as a coffee table…

You might be a redneck.

My parents gave me a washer and dryer set that was given to them. Both are high-capacity Kenmore’s and they work great. One tiny problem though – The dryer is a gas dryer.

My dad is a handyman and he saw that the dryer only had a 110 power cord on it. If you know anything at all about dryers then you know that they need 220 to provide enough power to rotate the drum and to supply the heat. I went to Lowe’s and purchased a 220 power cord for the dryer only to find out that the cord was correct and that the dryer is not electric but gas! Ugh. So I took the cord back to Lowe’s and I have been using the dryer without heat drying small loads of laundry sometimes 5 times before they are completely dry.

Fast forward to last weekend and I receive dryer number two from my parentals. It is a really nice Maytag dryer and it is all ELECTRIC! Yeah! So I installed it on Sunday and now the old dryer is sitting in my living room. My parents want it back, but I have no place to keep it until I take it back to them and so I decided to turn it on it’s side and use it as a coffee table. I even thought about turning the inside into a mini-fridge or ice-chest and keeping things like IBC Root Beer and Little Debbie Oatmeal cream pie’s in it. Doesn’t that sound good right now?

So next time you come to visit, help yourself to some fresh snacks right out of the dryer.

On a different note…

I think I might have finally found my match. I can’t give any details, but wow, I have this mental list of future wife possibilities and this new girl that I met recently knocked me off my feet. She’s now at the top of the list and I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about her. I’ll keep you posted on the development of this new, and probably fatal, attraction.

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