People Lie at Barnes and Noble

Sitting on the comfy chair reading I overhear the guy behind me on the phone:

“Hang on I need to take this call.”

“Thank you for calling [insert mumbled name here] how may I help you?” His voice was suddenly lighter and imbued with a helpful tone.

“No, actually we are about to close, but we will be open tomorrow morning at 8:30.”

“Uh, huh, okay, well, like I said, we will be open from 8:30-4:30 tomorrow morning. Thank you for calling”

“Okay, sorry about that, I’m back”

The last time I overheard someone lying at Barnes and Noble the person said they were at the library. Then just after they said it someone said over the loudspeaker, “Maria to the front” or something like that. Something that would never happen in a library. Both times that I have overheard these conversations I wanted to stand up and place a large red “L” on the person’s chest. Then I thought, “let he who has not sinned pin the first letter” and so I continued reading in silence.

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