Where can I find this treadmill video? RIGHT HERE! Watch it immediately!

You can watch it on, but you have to fast-forward through a lot of junk and even watch a few commercials in order to see this quirky group “dance” on treadmills. It blows. my. mind.

Beyonce. She totally turned into Janet Jackson last night with her bizarre Ring the Alarm performance. She continues to impress, but not as much as Justin Timberlake.

I almost peed my pants with excitement last night when JT opened the awards show. I don’t even know the name of that new song of his but he paired it with Sexyback and man he brought it! After the VMA’s last night I went on and re-watched this performance and it was just as good the second time around.

Worst performance of the night goes to Panic! At the Disco. What was going on with the lead singers voice? It contained so much vibrato that I thought he was singing on a vibrating bed. This made them lose lots of cool points with me. I mean a great deal of cool points.

Christina Aguilera, the girl can sing, like a bird. A CAGED BIRD EVEN!!! She has shed her “Dirty” look and now looks a great deal like Marilyn Monroe.

So to recap…

Justin Timberlake gets the “I’m raising the bar making you forget about Michael Jackson” award and OK GO gets the “Most original thing I’ve seen since Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas” award.

Jack Black gets an honorable mention for hosting. He tried a little to hard, but the bar is so high and he is so short that I totally understand why it was hard for him to reach it.

One last thing. Who else is over these Jack Ass guys? I mean, how much man trash and nude midgets do we need to see before we’ve had enough? It’s not creative. It’s crude and if it was creatively crude then I could appreciate it more, but for now, I am just over it.

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