Strategic Thinking – Part Deaux

Day Two. Yep, everyone is here again and it looks like it is going to be another long day. Why is our teacher wearing that lime green shirt? And are those the same pants he wore yesterday? Clearly a fashion faux paux. Oh, it looks like class is starting and I still don’t understand what yesterday’s homework assignment is about…

“Hi, Ganesha, did you get your homework done?” Here I was a 30 year old back in high school again. I felt like I was about to ask if I could copy her homework just this once. She started to explain what she thought the assignment was about and I realized that we were not just on two different pages, but on two different planets in two separate universes, faces opposite directions.

“I think by Methodology he means the way we implement our Strategic Thinking principals and practices.” Bill, another member of our team, chimed in.

I continued to scratch my head, not because I didn’t know what he was talking about but because it itched. I don’t think people really scratch their head when they don’t understand something…

When I don’t understand something I start to use humor and creativity as a mask. My mind looks over the material and thoughts start popping in my head like hot microwaveable popcorn – with movie theater butter. Force Fied Analysis… oh the jokes are endless on that one. Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE Force Field… ANALYSIS!!! Bam! Pop. Pop. Pop. The jokes keep coming and threaten to explode right out of my mouth. I stifle a chuckle and people look at me weird because there is nothing funny going on in the classroom. Did they miss the joke? Yes. And it was a good one too.

We start to discuss cost/benefit ratio and their are charts and grids. A small box says, Go – Caution – No Go. I start to realize that this is a great chart to use while dating. The cost-to-benefit ratio is something that I think all guys use either consciously or unconciously. Now I had a chart and a graph and a way to plot out my love life logically without involving feelings or emotion. I wanted to share my delightful bit of insight with the rest of the class, but alas, I think I was the only single guy in the room and I don’t think they would have understood my brilliance.

Our instructor then gives us more information about uncovering and testing assumptions. I told my team, “Our instructor assumes that I like to work in groups and I don’t.” It was a little joke, no one thought it was the least bit funny. Suddenly I was turning into the annoying one. I was Billy Madison.

I left class delighted that it was over. I did learn a great deal, but mostly I was reminded about how much I dislike long all day classes. Ugh. How did we ever do it? 8 hours a day sitting and listening and listening and listening. Note taking and quizzes. Bathroom breaks and lunch periods. Yuck.

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