I’m Baaaaaaaaccckkkk!

My internet stopped working last Thursday. I won’t bore you with details about the numerous phone calls to Comcast, the trip to Best Buy to get a new modem and the 3 hours I took off work in order for a technician to come out. What I will tell you is that I fixed the cable myself. I told the annoying technician who lived in Canada that if my connection inside my house had not changed, then I am sure that the connection outside my house had the problem and that I could probably fix it myself. He said, “Well, if you had training on it I am sure you could.” That statement was all I needed to give me the confidence to resolve my own problem. I went out there, ripped the cover off of the cable box (it is barely held on by a screw holding the cover in place) and found my connection. It was spliced with another connection and that connection had a weird thing on it which I figured was probably the thing that was blocking my connection. I removed it. I went back in my house and my internet started working. I realize that I may be giving my upstairs neighbor free cable and internet, but I don’t care! What I care about is having access to the world. How can I read Chirky, Saurkraut, MIM, Dooce, Amstaff Mom, Fred’s World, EMAIL without an internet connection? How? How am I supposed to check movie showtimes and order a banana costume for an upcoming talent show? I am an addict and the internet is my fix – especially on the weekends!!! CRIMINY! I have to have INTERNET!!! If I were a Sesame Street character I would be the Internet Monster and I would devour large internet shaped cookies and I would have a theme song and everything.

So other than the lack of internet stuff this is what is going on in my life:

1. Marry Me is all in order and I would like to put everyone that I listed above in the Acknowledgement section of the book. I now have to ask them if they want me to use their real names or their blog names? The book is going to be titled Marry Me… 101 Reasons. I have changed probably 10 of the reasons since some of them had clickable links or copyrighted material that I don’t want to have to get permission to use. Number 101 is really an epilogue and the closing of the book and so it is a really long reason. You will have to wait for the book to come out to see the changes. Everyone that is acknowledged will get a free signed copy.

2. I am still going to Stonebriar church and loving it. However, I am vexed about possibly starting to work with the High School group there. If I do, then it would mean that I would have to stop teaching at the boy’s home. It is too much to be committed to both.

3. I am writing my memoirs. The first installment will be called “Work”. The first chapter is already written and it details how I started working at the age of 12. My first job I worked for a guy who looked like a thinner version of Santa Claus and often answered his door with nothing on but a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. I decided to write down the memories not only with the possibility of one day publishing it, but also with the hopes of remembering things about my life that I am starting to forget. This blog didn’t start until I was 27 and everything I wrote before this has been mostly lost. I am going to work on recovering some of that in these memoirs.

4. Work rocks. I have the best job ever.

5. I have to get a physical today. I am not looking forward to it. It is an insurance physical that my financial planner set me up with. I hope I don’t have to have my prostate examined. I am only 30 and at one point they didn’t start doing that until after you were 40.

Okay, I won’t bore you with any more details for now. Much Love.

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