I’ve gotten to see more of Aiden lately and I just love him.
Right here he is ordering a Mojito and a chimichanga and I was like, “Aiden, you know that it is hardly noon and so you can’t have alcohol this early – wait until later silly boy!”

After we feasted on chimichanga’s and espinaca, Aiden was looking more than a little tired. I immediately knew what he needed – Espresso!

I took him over to Starbucks and we ordered two Cafe Americano’s, a cinnamon chip scone and peanut butter stack. Aiden hogged most of the desserts, but I didn’t mind because I am trying to cut back on my carbs. The little chubster was very full aferwards.

Later I thought it would be fun to tell Aiden a scary story about how Whinnie the Pooh got kidnapped by the Chicken Hawk!. He didn’t find it all that amusing, but I of course was having a ball of a time.

Playdate’s with Uncle Eddo are always fun.

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