Where my heart is…

The only thing I wasn’t happy about, was the guy sitting next to me was wearing English Leather. Who wears that anymore? It reminded me of when I was a little boy and my grandfather would hug me and his stubbly face would scratch mine and he smelled like Jim Beam and Old Spice. I don’t know why the English Leather reminded me of the Old Spice and my grandpa, but it did.

Andrew sat next to me and sang like a bird – if a bird can sing in 8 different octave’s and harmonize with perfect pitch. Behind me sat Kaleen, sweet girl, infectious laugh, beautiful voice, t was as if I was surrounded by a chorus of angels and one older gentleman who I didn’t hear, only smelled.

After the wonderful singing came the sermon. I’ve heard a lot of sermon’s in my day and I was prepared for the worst. It seems that few churches these days meet my high level of expectation. Tommy Nelson is such a great pastor and he teaches the Word so well that many others just can’t compare, but alas, Dr. Bingham filled in for Chuck Swindoll and he would have given Tommy a run for his money. He spoke so well and he was so dang funny.

After church a group of us feasted at Chipotle. It was my first time to attend Stonebriar with new friends that I had met at a get together on Friday night. I loved it. It felt like… home.

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