The Clothes Do Make the Man

Last night I spent $376.00 on 4 pair of pants and they were worth every penny. These particular pants when worn make you feel like a million bucks.

This is my first position where it has been really important that I dress nice and so it is the nicest I have dressed every day in my entire life. What has been interesting is that when I dress nicer, I act better. I stand up straighter. I am more professional and I take better care of myself.

Wearing nice clothes forces me to pay attention to my body. No longer can I wear baggy over-sized clothing to hide my ever-expanding waste line. I can’t wear my comfortable jeans and buttery soft t-shirts. Nope. I have to wear my shirt tucked in and my clothes have to be… IRONED. (Okay, they all go to the cleaners)

So now that I am focusing more on my appearance I have started South Beach Diet again… but wait! The cool thing is that my boss and a few other guys at work have all put in money and whoever loses the most weight at the end of 90 days wins 400 dollars. So now I have multiple incentives working in my favor and I am planning on destroying the other’s in the competition.

This is only day 2 so we’ll see how it goes.

What diets work the best for you? (Amstaff I am not doing the Master Cleanser!! Too Hard!)

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