How Does Your Job Compare?

Last night I had dinner with one of the coolest people on the planet – Jonathan Dumas. I would go into detail about why he is so cool, but that would be a short novel and no one wants to read a short novel online. Anywho… Jonathan was telling me about his new internship job and I was having a little bit of job envy.

According Jonathan, this Ad Agency where he working, has free lunches cooked fresh by on-site chef’s. They call out “Lunchtime” over the loud speakers and everyone goes to the cafeteria and eats. He then told me that every other Friday is “FUN FRIDAY” and they have a small party from 4-5 with all kinds of drinks and snacks and they play games and stuff.

At TI we have ice cream socials and team building parties about once a quarter. Our shifts our flexible and our benefits and pay are great, but we don’t get FREE LUNCHES and a party EVERY OTHER FRIDAY!!! WOW. I am going to have to tell my boss about these Friday’s.

So how does your work compare? Do they have any perqs? (And yes, this type of PERQ is spelled with a q becuase it is short for a much longer word – do you know what that word is???)

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