Marry Me…

I have these other blogs on my site, do you ever read them? It seems that my Marry Me blog is still one of the most popular, especially with the ladies. Some guys find it interesting, others have told me straight up that they think it is a pile of cheese, but what I write on this site is almost always from the heart.

I read recently in Blue Like Jazz that there is a person inside of us that no ones knows. Not our parents, or our spouse, or even our children. We keep some parts of ourselves all to ourselves and only God knows about that person. I think this website has allowed me to share more of that person with you than I ever could have in reality. The barrier that is the computer and the screen act as a wonderful buffer. I don’t have to see your reactions to what I write. I don’t have to hear the guffaw’s or the sighs, I only have to publish my thoughts electronically and then walk away.

The Marry Me blog is really the only other part of this blog that I try to update anymore. I do plan to turn it into a coffee table book when I reach 101 Reasons to Marry Me… I have been writing them now for 3 years and I am not married yet and so they may not be all that convincing, but it is me, truly they way I feel about love and marriage and all things important in a relationship. I’m not ashamed of any of the reasons so far no matter how sappy they may sound. And one day, when I am married, I hope to continue adding more reasons and to never forget the reasons I have already written down.

I love you all times infinity.

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