Superman Returns… but apparently he has vision problems…

On a scale of 1-10 I give the movie a 7.5. The plot, the special effects, and even the acting are superb. However… Kate Bosworth is so skinny that I found her quite unattractive and I can’t imagine why Superman – the SUPERMAN – would still be swooning over this broad. I guess love is indeed blind. For me, I think Superman should be falling for Wonder Woman. I mean who doesn’t love a full-bodied Linda Carter? I think the reason Superman doesn’t fall for Wonder Woman is that she has that Lasso of Truth. Could you imagine Superman coming home late one night. WHAPOW! “Superman, have you been out with CAT WOMAN?!!!” “No, I was out with Captain America and Wolverine – PROMISE!”

I could see her removing the lasso of truth with a smug grin on her face like, “That’s right, cause Wonder Woman is all you need!” Now get over here and show me how super you are!

Yep, I envy Superman…

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