Fire Dumpster

Not just any dumpster, but FIREDUMPSTER!!! It had grown tired of being picked on, everyone dumping on it all the time, discarding their refuse on him – now he is back for revenge….

Loud noises at about 10:30 last night made me look outside my door. This teen was out their on his celly and he was like, “Dude, someone set your dumpster on fire!” and so I went out and looked at it and then I took some pics. The cool part was seeing how incredibly hot and red the metal got when it was burning. And wow, that trash was really, really burning!

Firemen showed up, fully clothed with those masks on that make me think of Jar Jar Binks. Messa wanted to wear one! Just kidding.

So they pulled the hose out really quickly and I didn’t even see it at first and then bam they were dousing the fire and it was going out and suddenly I was tired. All that fire-fighting.

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