These have been puzzling me…

What is the estimated number of people that have died since the beginning of time?

If God punished Eve and all of the women on the planet with painful child birth, what would child birth have been like for women? Would women have had babies at all?

Did Adam and Eve have sexual relations before the fall? Did they even have genitalia?

When Jonah was inside the whale’s belly do you think there were other living things in there with him like giant squid and living fish?

How many babies has the world aborted?

How many of those babies could have possibly found a cure for AIDS? How many could have been the next Mozart, Beethoven, or Da Vinci?

At what point will we look back and say wow, we killed a lot of children? 1 Billion? 2 Billion?

Will we ever look back at abortion and think/realize we made a mistake the same way we looked at slavery and realized that we made a mistake?

Will the world ever reach a point where the majority of people are in same-sex relationships and only a handful of people are procreating? How long will it take for America to become the next Sodom and Gomorrah?

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