The Procrastinator!!!

If I were a super villian I would be THE PROCRASTINATOR!!! I would have a huge P on my chest and of course a flowing cape. I would need the cape not to help me fly, but to hide my face in shame because I had dropped the ball so many times.

Jetting into small cities people would scream! LOOK OUT! There is THE PROCRASTINATOR! Families would pull their children inside and lock the doors. Marshal law would be enforced and the cities would be covered in military vehicles to keep me from destroying the town with my laziness.

Of course I would have an accent, it wouldn’t be Austrian, but most likely Australian. I’d say things like, G’Day Mate, can you throw another shrimp on the bahbie while I sit here and do nothing?

I finally got a ticket paid yesterday and I have to take defensive driving. I fear that my alter-ego will rear it’s ugly head when it comes time to actually take the defensive driving course. This is my FIRST speeding ticket in Texas, but I have had 2 previous tickets years ago for running red lights. I had the opportunity to take defensive driving for both of those and I never did, I ended up paying the whole ticket on both counts. LAAAZZZZZEEEEEEEE!!!!

I also have a Columbia House DVD thing that keeps sending me DVD’s I don’t want and I have procrastinated about discontinuing that service. Ugh. I am going to do that right now… maybe… let me read a few emails first.

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