Change – I need your help!

I posted Tracy Chapman’s song “Change” on this website not to long ago. I think I had to delete it because it was being linked-to and downloaded by Chinese people and we all know how big China is and how many people there are and so that is a lot of downloads.

But Hot-linking and bandwidth stealing is not the point of this post…

The point is that this weekend I am teaching at the McFadden Boys Ranch about Change. Change your clothes, change your way of thinking, change your attitude, change your perspective. I have movie clips to emphasize certain points and I plan to do an interview skit where I do different types of interviews wearing different types of clothes. I need visual aides to help move the message along and to get my point across.

I’ve been doing some changing of my own lately. I feel it more than ever – I’m different. We have a slogan we use at TI, “Change faster than change”. The great thing about life is that it is all about making adjustments and changes and if any of you have some amazing stories or analogies that I can use at the boys home about change and success and success in the workplace and how changing something made a big difference, that would be VERY helpful to me.

Two chest bumps and a peace sign!

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