Shake it Off

The Mavericks lost to the Miami Heat tonight. I am still sort of shocked, I thought we would at least make it to game 7.

I could fill pages up with speculation and reasons why we didn’t win, but I won’t. We had an amazing season. We beat the Spurs and the Suns and we are the Western Conference Champions. Only 2 teams make it to the Finals and we were one of them.

Now it is time to start preparing for next season and me, it is time to get some of my life back. The play-offs started 53 days ago or something like that and for the last 53 days I have been burning both ends of the candle. I have totally given up so many things in my life that I love for the opportunity to be a part of something that may only happen once in my lifetime. My friend Biggy said it best tonight when we were waiting to see the players after the game and I said I had to go to work the next day and he said, “This may never happen again, but you will always have work.” How true that is. I decided to remember that little nugget whenever something important is happening in my life. Thanks Big.

Tonight I am staying up really late working on a final project for my old team at T.I. Monday I start my new position full time so it is like 2 big things are ending in my life right when something new and exciting is starting up and I couldn’t have timed it any better.

I’ve missed you guys. I miss reading about Katie’s crazy old-lady friends, I miss talking with Ben about Micker Mackers, Bug-Bug and Benjino, I miss Edgy Mama’s zany informational posts and Saurkraut’s political rants. I miss Steve and listening to his music, and Amberbamberboo, and Dubious, and Fred and so many more. Thanks to all of you for keeping in touch and for the encouragement over the last few months. This has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.

Hugs, Kisses, and for the dudes – manly handshakes.

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