Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day dad. I know you won’t read this because you are 71 and when you were my age the television had only been around for a few years. You now know how to use a computer, but you prefer to use it only to destroy a game of Solitaire – which you are quite proud of. You build things with your hands, you create, and fix things that amaze me, and I am proud of you.

To all of the Father’s out there – Happy Father’s Day. You have a big job, probably even bigger than the mother’s. Mom’s are great at showing the kids how to do things around the house. What to wear to the prom, how to scrub a toilet. While Mom’s are taking care of everything in the house, Dad’s should be handling the outside. The outside means more than just lawn care and changing the oil. Nope. Dad’s should be teacher their daughters about the way men should be treating them. They need to love their daughters and to be a daddy so that when a man comes along they will respect themselves and they won’t be insecure and allow that man to take advantage of them.

Dad’s should be teaching their son’s about the birds and bees. About how to treat a lady and how to be a man.

Dad’s should teach their son’s and their daughter’s about working hard. How to succeed.

It’s a rough world and I think Dad’s role is more important than mom’s, however, I think most of the time mom’s pick up the slack.

My Dad is a great dad and I hope he has a very Happy Father’s Day.

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