Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This movie wasn’t released to all major markets, but I don’t know why. Perhaps it is the length (so long I still haven’t finished it), or maybe it is because it is laden with profanity (which is used mostly in a comical way and not a derogatory way, or maybe it has a really bad anti-climactic ending which I haven’t seen yet, but will soon find out when I have enough time to finish the final 20 minutes.

What I do know is that this movie is extremely entertaining. At no time did I pause the movie so I could see if something better was on the tube (Which I do regularly) nor did I fast forward through any slow scenes (which I normally do while loudly saying “BOOOORRRRINNNNGG”).

It is not an inspirationalbasedonatruestorylessonlearned type of movie like Glory Road, but it has Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. in it and how can you not love these guys? Did you see Tombstone? I’m yoour Huckleberry… Did you see Soap Dish?

So that is my movie review of the month.

The Mavs lost to the Heat last night which was VERY depressing, but we danced our butts off and I had my best performance as a ManiAAC – mostly because we have done the routine about a gagillion times in outside appearances.

After the game I had to watch Biggy’s kids for a bit because he is a bad dad and he just assumed that the ManiAAC family would babysite his kids for him. His youngest kid Michael is so cute and brown that he could totally pass for my kid. I should have just taken him with me and said, “Michael, your dad traded you for my game six ticket.” Which might not have been true, but could possibly be true if I posed the trade to Biggy. I am also upset with Biggy because he has been getting more visitors to me because his site name sounds somewhat naughty. Apparently biggy bounce can be misconstrued becuase he isn’t even posting very much and he is getting a lot of visits. I am livid about this.

So tonight I have no plans other than to climb into my bed and and wrap myself up in my white sheets until I look like a really large dooby and then I am going to sleep until game 6 on Sunday – which is still in MIAMI – ugh. I hate this 3 games in a row in Miami – it is just so lame.

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