ME BUM! It has an extra hole!

So this morning I got up to get ready for my first corporate presentation. The difference between a regular presentation and a corporate one is that in a corporate one you present to people that you don’t know in an auditorium with online people listening and it is recorded so that it can be replayed at a later date. Soooo… I wanted to wear my nice gray slacks and when I pulled them out of the closet I saw that they had a 2 inch tear in the posterior region. AAACK! I remembered doing that when I got out of the truck too quickly and pants were sagging a bit much. Well, my momma raised me with a few skills and one of them skills was knowing how to use a needle and thread to sew up me breaches.

Now all I needed was a good shirt, but when you are presenting sometimes it feels nice to have a brand new shirt, so I went this morning and picked up a new shirt and new shoes so that I would feel good about myself, but… I didn’t buy an undershirt and I had the biggest sweat rings when I was done with my presentation. Grody. Fortunately, I picked a shirt with a cool contemporary pattern and it camoflauged the sweat to some degree. Why was I sweating? Because I was hot, not because I was nervous. I don’t really get all that nervous doing presentations. I like powerpoint and I love being in front of people and so presenting is wear I am in my element. Man, I sound arrogant…

So after a long hard day of presenting and meetings, I went to work out and I did aerobics and after that I wanted sushi and I ordered 3 rolls and they weren’t very good and they were 23 dollars!!!

Now I am watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – and I love it. I love to dance and in a meeting at work today, another big all staff meeting they called me to the front of the room and made me do a couple of 8 counts of one of my ManiAAC routines. I feigned shyness, but then I broke it down for them.

Soooo…. now the sushi made me not hungry, but not full and I think I want some Cold Stone… Coffee ice cream swirled with brownies, pecans and chocolate syrup… magically delicious.

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