Does That Make Me Crazy

My new iPod list… the top 10 that I play over and over anyway…

Gnarls Barkley – Does that Make me Crazy – It is the new “You’re Beautiful” – a song that is a hit huge hit in Europe and is slowly but surely becoming a hit here in the states. I haven’t heard it on the radio yet, but I heard it at the Mavericks game the other day – which means it has arrived.

Kelis – Bossy (Featuring Too Short) -“You might not like me, but you’ll respect me – CAUSE I’M THE BOSS!” Ha ha. This song is catchy like Kelis’ previous hit – “Milkshake”. Whoever is doing the production on her albums should win an award because the sounds are always so fresh.

Cassie – Me & U – When I listen to this song I always imagine that I am doing a slow motion dance-off. There is something wickedly subtle in the hypnotic bass groove. I can listen to it over and over and never tire of it.

Nick Lachey – Resolution – I’ve always been a fan of Nick – mostly because he put up with Jessica and even I know that after a while looks aren’t everything (even though she was so hot you could put up with a lot more crap). The thing is, the dude can really sing. This song is filled with raw emotion and talent and I am envious of his ability to control his falsetto so well – too bad he wasn’t as good at controling Jes…

Dixie Chicks – I’m Not Ready to Make Nice – In retaliation to hate mail and all the other negative feedback Natalie Manes got from her comments about President George Bush. I believe in Free Speech and I think Natalie was wrong for what she said about the president of our Country because no matter who is running the US we should be respectful of that person. To be deragatory about a person in power may make you feel better – but only in the same way that bullies feel better after stealing someone’s lunch money. If you don’t like someone in office, do a better job of promoting your cause, spend more time changing the way people think instead of making back-handed and off-color jokes about that person. Besides, Bush makes it too easy, try for the more difficult comedic route and make fun of someone like Hilary Clinton or Condoleeza Rice.

Fort Minor – Remember the Name – Almost as much fun to workout to as Emenim’s “Lose Yourself”, this song has unimpressive lyrics, but an undeniably motivating rhythm that makes you want to get up and get to work.

Blue October – X Amount of Words – With songs like “Calling You” and “Hate Me” I cannot help but be impressed with Blue October and their amazing versatility. One of my favorite bands that in my book doesn’t fall into any specific genre. Sometimes their lyrics are shocking, but the songs are sung with so much feeling that you can understand the writer’s pain and it moves you. Blue October is another example of a band that has a knack for writing music that you can listen to over and over without ever tiring of it.

Pink – Cuz I Can – Who doesn’t love Pink? Her in-your-face-devil-may-care attitude is surprisingly alluring. She is raw and edgy and there is nothing I can say about her that someone hasn’t already said and said better, but I think this new song Cuz I Can is one of the best things she has done in a while and her new album “I’m Not Dead” is a testament to Pink’s talent and the fact that not only is she not dead, but she is alive and kickin’!

Shake- Ying Yang Twins – Uh, Uh, This one’s a killer! I don’t even understand half the lyrics to this half-English half-Spanish song featuring Pit Bull. It is a mix of hip hop and regatone and if it doesn’t have you up on your feet and dancing then you must be a paraplegic.

LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez – Control Myself – I’ve always been a fan of LL but this time he added J-Lo to the mix and pulled out a hit that is one of my favorite songs of the spring. Here is a sampling of the lyrics: She licked, off, her lip, glossHer hips, tossed, back, and forth Side, to side, and up, and down She touched, the ground, it turned, me outI’m battling desire Lord help me douse this fire… L, we are seeing eye-to-eye on this one….

So what is on your playlist?

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