Because they Listen…

Last night at the Mavericks game this kid came up to me that I know through some friends in Denton. He is probably 15 years old and he always comes and talks to me about computer stuff – AMD processors, Motherboards, hard drives, video cards, etc. When he left last night I thought to myself, “Why does he always come over and talk to me?” I think it is because I listen. When I was a leader at Denton Bible Church I had so many kids that would come up and want to just talk. Without being too arrogant I can say I am pretty fun to be around, but these kids weren’t looking for laughs – they were looking for someone to listen.

If you look around our world you will see that everyone is hungry for attention and they will get it one way or another. I see kids whose parents are too busy working and fulfilling their own dreams and goals instead of taking the time to just stop and listen.

The people that I surround myself with, the people that I care about the most, are people who listen to what I have to say. My mom is an excellent listener. I can call her at any time and she will listen to me whether I am elated about a new job or depressed about a bad relationship – she listens. My best friend Joe and his wife Amber are my best friends because they are always so interested in my life and what I have to say and hopefully I make them feel the same way.

When you listen to someone, you validate them, you make them feel important.

If you want people to love and respect you, then always be sure to listen.

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