Mother’s Against Sexual Internet Predators

The world is going to hell in a handbasket. It is evidenced in everything that we see these days and if I am saying it, it must be happening because I like to keep my head in an ostrich hole and ignore the crap that is going on around me. 50,000 men a year are castrating themselves, Sexually transmitted diseases are in the millions and growing, and their are people out their preying on innocent children. Did you watch the Dateline special where they caught internet predators? I didn’t, but I heard it was sickening.

I got this comment posted in response to my story about Herpies that I wrote a while back. I never expected that post to open my eyes and to see things in a different light, but it has…

Very good article and good that you posted it. Our situation is different. My duaghter met a man (Brock Purviance) over the internet when she was 14 and he was 28. He is what is know as a “groomer”. To make a long painful story short, he flew to our state, initiated a sexual relationship with our daughter five days after her 15th birthday. She tested postive to the HPV and the markers that cause cervical cancer. She will forever have to worry about developing cancer. This man is still out as of this day at his music school. The denver school of music. in Arvada Colorado.

1. This is a real disease that affects even those that are victims.

2. Men can give it without adverse side affects

3. My daughters doctor said men are not even tested for this disease because it does not affect them.

4. They are working on a immunization that can be given in a couple of years to those who have never contracted the virus as part of childrens immunizations, and hopefully will wipe out cervical cancer to which 95% of all cervical cancers are related to HPV.

By the way Brock told me personaly even if he did give it to my daughter it is no big deal because 70% of the population has it… yah easy for him to say, it won’t give him cancer. Moral of this story….Parents check your kids cell phone logs, see who they are talking to… check their e-mails and see who is in their contact list..People be careful of each other, just because something does not affect you, does not mean it won’t someone else.

Thank you for this chance to comment. ozarkcontessa [Mother Against Sexual Internet Predators]

When I got this comment I was obviously shocked and I immediately wanted to post it. Unfortunately, I had many posts about the Mavericks and other things and this post would suddenly seem out of place an incongruous with what I had been talking about and I wanted to be able to give the topic the full attention that it deserved.

On an up note, I received a second response from the Ozark Contessa stating that Brock Purviance is now in jail. I can’t find the email or else I would post it here in full detail, but it looks like he will have to pay a little bit of a price for what he did, but there are some scales that can never be balanced.


So what makes a man a sexual predator? I don’t think women realize that it is possible for any man to become sexually deviant. Reading an article in Details magazine about Craigslist and their Casual Encounter’s classifieds I read this and was only mildly surprised…


“Many people come here and find that they are interested in something that they never thought of before, one man had sex with another man’s wife while the husband watched… ‘it wasn’t something on my to-do list, but I saw the ad and thought, what the heck’.”

It all comes back to having moral integrity, knowing what your limits are, setting boundaries for yourself and not crossing them. The problem with the boundaries is now days they are blurred or non-existent. There isn’t anyone out there saying, “Stop, don’t do that!” Instead we have shows like MTV encouraging wild sex and even making statements like, “Getting AIDS is not a death sentence.”

I think it is easy to ignore the fact that America is a guilded box, pretty on the outside, but rotting within. I wonder how many children have to be molested, how many people have to be raped, and how many people have to have to have an STD before people start to think about the consequences of their actions?

We’re going to hell in a handbasket, but all America cares about is, “What kind of basket is it!?! Is it comfortable? Does it feel good? Is it pretty? Does it make me look fat? Is it a Longaberger?” No one even stops to think about the final destination.

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