Fresh Meat

What is it about these reality shows that are so fascinating? Well… in the case of MTV’s new reality show – Fresh Meat – the fascinating part is the cast of hot athletic girls. It’s a winning combination. You take a girl like Anna Kournikova and yes, she is pretty hot, but when you add in the fact that she plays tennis (and not all that well mind you) then BAM! she is a super hottie. Then we have Maria Sharapova, Jenny Finch, Elena Dementieva, and Mia Hamm to name a few more female athletes that are hot, but super hot because they play sports.

So MTV has figured out that we love to watch young attractive people competing against each other, backstabbing, and in general creating a lot of drama. The reason why we love to watch is because the good side of us, the side with the angel on our shoulder, watches in shock and says, “Oh, I can’t believe that!” However, the devil in us wishes that we could be on the show, battling it out, creating drama and not living our 9-5 lives that are somewhat dull in comparison.

The interesting thing about MTV is that they keep bringing back the same people – especially if they were extremely dramatic in the past – like Coral. Coral can’t say 3 words without including the F word or something offensive…

And speaking of offensive – did you see the offense the Mavs put on the Suns? Yes, we won game 3 95-88. We had a Mavericks watch party at Dave and Busters and I had the worlds largest headache. It felt like Michelangelo was inside my head carving my brain into the Pieta. With a game on Friday night, a 20 mile bike ride on Saturday, a 3 mile run on Sunday, ManiAAC practice and a watch party on Sunday I did something I have never done on Memorial Day – I stayed home and relaxed. I caught up on emails and some phone calls and then I just vegged out on the couch.

How was your weekend?

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