Maybe I will start fighting in UFC Cage Fights! Maybe…

This weekend has been a blurrito! (that means little bit of a blur in Spanish)

Friday night the Mavericks lost to San Antonio and so we have game 7 tomorrow night. I fasted all day and prayed that they would win – okay, not really, but I sure hope they win tomorrow night.

Saturday my parents brought me a washer and dryer. YEAH! I have been using the apartment laundry mat for 2 years now and having a free nice washer and dryer rocks. Thanks Ma and Pa!

Saturday night I drove to Admore, Oklahoma, one of the most biggest podunk places I have been in a while, to see Chanc Gomez, my cousin, fight in a cage fight. When I was getting dressed I almost wore my camo shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, but I changed my mind at the last minute and dressed a little nicer. When I got to the auditorium I realized had I left on the camo shorts and sleeveless shirt I would have been dressed like 50% of all the other red necks in the place. The sleeveless shirt, the camo shorts, and the goatee – it was like a uniform or soemthing.

Chanc lost the fight. I know, yuck. But it was fun watching him even for a little bit and I applaud his bravery for getting in there in the first place. I am not sure I have the cajones to do that, but I sure am thinking about it. I just need to start training and fighting and maybe I will be the first Mavericks ManiAAC turned UFC fighting champion. maybe.

So Saturday rocked and rocked hard and I had a great time seeing my Aunt Jan and Uncle Chris and all my cousins.

Sunday I had to get up and go workout. I shaved my entire upper body on Saturday – including my head – and so I felt like I was already heading down the path to start training for UFC. I am not kidding. I even did some extra punching exercises with weights just in case I decide to fight some day.

Sunday night the ManiAACs went to a recital at Fair Park music hall. Our amazing instructor Shella Sattler had 57 different acts to show that day including the girl dancers and us. It was fun being there for her because she is so awesome. I am serious, I can’t say enough good things about Shella. She makes us work hard and sometimes she is demanding, but in the in you respect her for it and you love her for it. She is a big reason why being a ManiAAC is so rewarding.

Well, I am off to bed now. I skipped dinner so I can start getting ripped for my upcoming fights. I plan to look like Maven from Tough Enough before I am done.

And to Sgt. Pepper, I got to give you a shout out! You guys are totally representin’ for the Mavericks and that is awesome. You and the Mavs Army rock!

Night all.

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