“You Texas People”

This was a conversation I had in an email with my Cousin Chanc. He is fighting in a UFC cage fight this weekend. If he says, “You Texas People” again he might be in a non-cage fight with me this weekend too. haha.

“Hey are you coming bye yourself this weekend?”

“What time is the fight and where? I need directions and times”

“The doors open at 630 and its exit 32 and go east to C st”

“Um… you are forgetting that I haven’t been to Oklahoma in a while –do I just take 35 to exit 32? That is easy. But is there going to be signs? Does the place have a name? Can you describe the building?”

“You Texas people, Take i-35 north to Ardmore exit 32 go east into town that will turn into Broadway its right on the corner of Cst and broadway”

“Yes, unfortunately, unlike everyone in OKC, we can’t read minds.”

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