A Hodge Podge of Stuff

Kiss FM Big Money What is That is up to 45,000+ and here is that sound if you want to here it for yourself, or if you want to listen to it and tell me what yout think it is so I can win the money.

The Secret Sound is Here!

The Toaster Question of the week…

Everything in Texas gets dusty, so does dust get in your toaster? How do you clean it out? Does it get burned up when you turn it on? IS MY TOAST DUSTY!!!??

Are you watching the Dallas Mavericks!?!?!

This weekend is game 3 of the play-offs where the Mavericks play the San Antonio Spurs. Who is watching? Who is rooting for Dallas? Who wants to go with me to see game 3 even if they have to sit alone? (I may have an extra game 3 ticket, but that is still up in the air)

ManiAAC practice tonight and we are performing at the game tomorrow. Part of our dance has that Bubbas Sparxxx song – “I found you Miss New Booty” – and “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye. I should upload the music since I can’t ever get a video to post.

Well, happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

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