Happy Mother’s Day Mom…

My mom is amazing. She works nights at the police station and volunteers at McFadden Boy’s Ranch on the weekends and takes care of her mother, and my dad, and two boys that live with her that needed a place to stay.

She gives and gives like Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree. I don’t know any other woman that is quite like her. She is the perfect combination of mom and best friend. She drives 45 miles one way just to have lunch with me almost once a week. She drives to Oklahoma frequently to take care of her mom and has bent over backwards doing everything she can to make her mother comfortable and happy.

I got a lot of blessings in life, but the biggest one of all is my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day mom! And Happy Mother’s day to my sister Precious who is a mother for the first time this year! That is her little boy Aiden that my mom is holding.

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