I’m Sorry

Okay, I’m back. I’m sorry I was being an immature petulant ass this week.

My boss told me some interesting news today that really told me a lot and nothing about my new position at work. It made me feel better and it frustrated me a little bit too. I am just tired and this isn’t just work, it’s my life and I have been trying to improve it for 4 years and so this change, if it ever happens will be life changing for me – so please keep praying for me.

I also owe Cody an apology for the donut post. What a lame ass I was for that. I took something way out of context and passive-aggressively attacked him online and that was so wrong of me. I already verbally apologized to him and now I want all of you to know that Cody is the best dude ever. He continues to amaze me with his maturiy levels even whenever I am immature. It is humbling.

This week has been challenging, but it has been a week of growth and I hope all my readers will forgive me for being a big baby this week. Please send me boxes of Pampers and a pacifier next time I act like this.

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