I enumerated to a friend today why I have been in a funk this week.

1. Too High expectations set on people and when they don’t meet my expectations I let it bother me too much – and sometimes I take it too personally.

2. I was at a friends house recently and he is older, married, with children, children that I used to mentor when I was a high school leader. He said to me, “We need to find you a girlfriend before you balloon up to 400 pounds.”

3. New Job Interviews – I had a second interview last Friday and not hearing anything this week has put me on edge. It is that feeling you get when you want something really, really bad, but you don’t dare allow yourself to hope too much because you don’t want to be disappointed. Well, times that by 10 and you know how I feel because I have been trying for this for 4 years now.

4. I got a toll tag bill for $500 dollars and I have no way of proving that I didn’t run the toll. I always pay – except for a couple of times, but shoot, I didn’t run the thing 20 times like they are saying.

So, I will tell myself what Jim Trolio, a good friend of mine that I used to work with used to always say to me – BOO FREAKIN’ HOO!!! No one wants to hear about your problems.

But a special thanks to those of you who sent kind words via email – it really helped a lot and you didn’t even tell me to go get a can of “Suck It Up”. Thanks!

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