The World Doesn’t Stop…

I fell off my bike and scraped my knee
I hurt my leg when I fell out of that tree
I fell down a hill and hit a rock
Despite my pain – The world didn’t stop.

I dislocated my shoulder, I lost my job
I lost my tooth eating corn on the cob
I wanted it cold, all I got was hot
and all the while – The world didn’t stop.

I fell in love, my heart was broke
I lost faith, it was no joke
I cried so much I needed a mop-
But guess what – The world didn’t stop.

I had a dream, I had a goal
my plans fell throuh, a big fat hole
I gave too much, all I’ve got.
But the damn world won’t pause, it just won’t stop.

I dared to hope, to try again
To live right, stay away from sin
but what I didn’t remember,
What I continually forgot
No matter what – the World doesn’t stop.

I grew so weary, I grew so tired
Tired of life, unending desire
I bent over backwards – I flipped. I flopped!
But man alive, the world won’t stop.

I’d like a moment, a reality break
Maybe a miracle – even an earthquake;
Somebody help me, please call the cops!
The world is coming… and I can’t make it stop.

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