A Series of Small Performances

Shakespeare was right when he said, “All the world’s a stage”. My life lately has been nothing but a series of performances strung together by momentary intermissions that have allowed for sleep and a trip to the snack bar.

Last week I went to Houston and I had to do a presentation and then I sat behind a table and smiled as people walked by uninterested in my blackberry services. I was acting like I was happy, but I was miserable. Houston is as humid as any armpit in Georgia in the middle of August and even the locals will tell you that the heat in Texas isn’t so bad, it’s the humidity that really gets you.

Later in the week we had a couple of appearances for the ManiAACs, and then I spoke at the boys home on Sunday and then Monday night was another ManiAAC appearance.

One summer when I worked at Kanakuk I remember Keith Chancey, the Kamp Director, telling us that we needed to always be “on”. Even though we might have been there for 7 weeks sweating and working our butts off, for the kids, it was their first and only week and so we had to be just as excited for group 7 as we were for group 1. It was definitely a mental exercise that taught me to “act” as if I was happy on the outside even if I was a wreck on the inside.

Last night seemed to be the final scene in a series of performances. The mother of one of the ManiAACs passed away unexpectedly last week and the wake was last night. I put on my best suit and drove down to be there for support as this particular ManiAAC happens to be the only other rookie and has fast become like a brother to me. Some of the other ManiAACs showed up as well and it was cool to see the guys pull together and be there for each other. It was the first time I felt like something more than just a group of fat guys that liked to dance and have a good time, last night we were indeed family.

So far my performances have been Oscar worthy – I think. My smile is still firmly in place. My costume is nicely pressed and when the curtain is pulled back once again I hope I remember my lines for my next series of small performances.

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