When in France…

Mom don’t read this!

These were prompted by a dream and are meant to be funny so please don’t take them too seriously. Click on the link above for some actual interesting French Kissing information.

A good kiss, a really good one, comes from desire. When the desire is right, the kiss, no matter how flubbed up, is still something magical.

However, sometimes the magic needs to be made, or conjured up, and that is where these tips may come in handy…

The thing to remember when kissing, or when kissing me at least is that I am not a fan of feeling your teeth smashed hard against my lower lip. Nope. When I am done kissing my lips should not be bruised and bleeding.

Helicopter tongue. Do I need to say more? A good kiss is all about reading your partner, matching them pace for pace, not trying to outdo them – it’s not a competition.

Too much speed is a bad thing, but not enough and then whoa! Have you ever experienced that? The not enough kisser? It’s like kissing a piece of medium rare prime rib.

The best part about kissing is that with each person it is different, but the basics are the same. You get two people together with chemistry and it just works or it doesn’t.

So what do you say, how bout you coming over here and seeing if we have some chemistry?

Oh, and here is a quick clip of Melina Dancing.

And some pictures of me with Gloria Campos and Troy Duncan at the Channel 8 Staff party. If you aren’t from Dallas then you might not know that they have been on Channel 8 News for years and so they are quasi-famous like us ManiAACs! hahaha.

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