Girls are Gullible

One thing that I learned in marketing class was “know your target audience.”

I know that most of my readers are hot women and so I know that the title of this post may get me in to trouble, but I think after you read what I have to say, then you will agree with me – Girls, not all, but a good majority, are gullible.

So this girl is at my apartment and she says, “I like how you have your shower curtain being held up.” And I said, “That is a shower CD player, you just stick your CD’s up there and they play…” She had a look of incredulity, but then she broke and said, “Really?”

Of course I got a good laugh out of that one.

Now I was at a Maverick game the other day and before the game there is a group of kids that show up and try to get into the game for free by dressing up in paint and crazy clothes and doing cheers. They are called Super-Fans. Well, I walked up to this 16 year old girl who was all painted up and tied to her back was a plastic sign with the Mavericks logo on it, it was supposed to be a cape and I knew that. I walked over to her and I said, “Excuse me, miss? You have a bag stuck to your back.” She looked at me like I was stupid and she said, “It’s not a bag, it’s, it’s a cape.” I looked puzzled and said, “No, it’s a bag.” I thought she was going to cry and so I laughed and said I was joking. I still don’t think she understood that I was playing.

I may continue this series as this kind of stuff happens to me all the time. I have even fooled a few of my blog readers with this post…

The Ex
I went to see an old girlfriend yesterday. I have seen her a couple of times in the last couple of months, but it has been a while since we spent some real quality time together.How does it happen? One minute you are close, inseparable, and then you wake up one morning and you just don’t feel the same anymore.

I sidled up to her slowly, a light smile on my face. I noticed her boxy frame right away, she stood out, but she was still classy, neat, and sophisticated. She always did like to hob nob with the rich and sophisticated. She greeted me with open arms and welcomed me into her embrace. She smelled like fresh baked cookies and roses.

I continued to size her up taking my time, as always her melons were big and round, and plump. She had them sitting out there on display for me and everyone else to see. I looked at them, wistfully, remembering the many times that they had made me happy.

I walked around to check out her rump roast, and as always, it was bangin, just hanging out there – kapow, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The memories came flooding back to me and the images played in my mind they way the do in a sitcom when everyone has a flashback and a harp plays and the screen gets all fuzzy around the edges. It was magical.

Maybe it is because I have deep seated commitment issues, there are so many just like her, and it is hard to settle down. No matter how good she was to me, how would I ever know if she was the one?People say that when you find the one, you will know, and you won’t have any doubts, I am still waiting for that doubt free relationship. The one that provides a money back garauntee, the one that will triple the value of my coupons, the one where I never need a price check – is she out there?

The more time we spent together the more I wondered why we had ever parted, perhaps it’s because I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket, or because she caught me with one of her friends- Little Debbie. It was like a fatal attraction, I had to have her even though I knew she was bad for me.

The Ex had other very attractive friends as well, Betty Crocker, Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Butterworth – they were all so tempting and all “off limits” – how could we ever be together if I kept finding myself so drawn to her closest friends? I should have realized the relationship was doomed from the start. We remain friends, we see each other every now and then, but we will never have a relationship like we had in the past.

Yes, you ladies are easier to fool than the gents. Maybe, just maybe it is because, “Men are born liars and women are inclined to believe them.”

Ugh. I am too tired to really conclude this post well. Just leave me a few comments and we’ll call it a weekend.

Love you guys and gals.

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