ManiAACs Perform with Rockettes

Yesterday was one of my best days as a Mavs ManiAAC. We got to perform with real Rockettes from New York.

I took off from work at 11 and then went to the Power House of Dance to practice with the ladies and to do a quick filming with the “Why” guy from Channel 8. My mom called and said, “Hey, you are on TV!” That is always fun to hear.

Here is a quick picture – but there are more on flickr.

Last night we performed with the Rockettes during the game and it was a hit. We high kicked our way into the heart of our fans and the Rockettes and I have never had so much fun performing before. With me in the picture is Samandra and Melissa, two Very, Very sweet gals that won me over with more than just great legs and big smiles.

On a separate note, I hear Ace got kicked off of American Idol last night… sorry to see him go, but my vote is for Paris and Taylor Hicks!

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