Easter Update – the fun stuff

This is what we had for Dinner on Friday night. Chicken Tandoori and Seekh kabobs dipped in Masala sauce. It was delicious.

What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that hump?

Lindsey and another cute dancer in some over-sized glasses. We had a blacktop bash on Sunday in Dallas at Academy Sports and Outdoors. 7 players showed up including: Josh Powell, Devan Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, and Dsagana Diop and many more.

Jessica is totally trying to figure out how to use my hot and fresh new BlackBerry 8700g. It is way out of her scope of intelligence – which is saying a lot because Jes knows a lot about nothing.

Easter Treats! I ate all of these in one sitting.

There are more photos on flickr if you want to click on the link you can see them all.

Much Love!

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