The Easter service was outside this year at Fellowship Church. I didn’t like it. It was cramped and hot and I just wasn’t feeling the outdoor mood. For me Easter is all about getting dressed up and going to church with the family. You wear pastels and you tuck your shirt in. The service is almost always about the death and resurrection of Christ and even though you have heard the same story every year – you look forward to hearing about it again.

The single point that I recall about the message yesterday was that it was Mary Magdalene that was the first to find the tomb empty and that if Christians were going to make up a story about the tomb being empty they would not have said that women found the tomb empty because women were considered second class citizens and no one really listened to what they had to say.

So the point of the message yesterday was really about proving that Christ did indeed rise again from the dead. For most of us Christians we believe this to be true because we believe what the Bible says, but what about people who don’t believe in the Bible?

I think it is interesting to debate sometimes with non-believers about the validity of our faith because it forces me to look deeper into the history of our religion. Ours is the only one where the deity that is worshipped rose from the dead. Christ isn’t in a tomb and so we don’t make a pilgrimage to the tomb and pay our respects. We don’t do anything to get into heaven, we just believe in Christ and we are saved. We don’t come back as animals or plants. We believe in self-control and self-denial, but not in forced asceticism. We try to follow the Ten Commandments and there is nothing in our religion that is ritualistic other than going to church every Sunday.

Easter is the most important Holiday to Christians. Yes, it was important that Christ was born, but it was even more important that he died and rose again. What if he had opted not to die? What if he hadn’t rose again?

Easter is a great time for being with friends and family and most importantly to be reminded of the sacrifice that Christ made for us.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Much Love.

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