“Would You like Me to Sprinkle that with some freshly popped Hot-Buttered CockRoaches?”

Um, no thanks, I prefer just the salt and butter please…

I think everyone that goes to college falls in love with Psycholgoy and Sociology – two courses required by most state schools if not all. I aced both classes because they were both so fascinating. However, unlike most people, I purged the Pavlov’s dog analogy from my repertoire of analogies – but I didn’t purge my knowledge of it, or my knowledge of Taste Aversion.

Taste Aversion is where you eat something and you get food poisoning and you vomit and diarrhea for 3 days, or you just projectile vomit, or you just have explosive diarrhea. Either way, you are so miserable that years later the thought of eating that thing that made you sick, still makes you sick, and so you don’t eat it.

Well, to make this long story even longer…

I went to see Inside Man last Saturday and I was eating a medium popcorn and I was about 1/10 of the way into the back when I ate something so unlike anything I had ever eaten before. It was crispy, but it’s crisp was different than any crisp I have crisped in the last 3o years of my life. The taste was vile and I was 99.9% certain that I had just enjoyed my very first freshly popped, hot-buttered cockroach.

It was a good thing that the movie hadn’t already started because the gagging and spitting that ensued after consuming the insectile vermin was on par with that of an epileptic seizure to the power of 10.

Now, I remember growing up watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and they ate large beetles and monkey brains, and so maybe freshly popped hot buttered cockroaches are a delicacy in some countries… but I have never been much of a gourmand and so I will continue to enjoy my movie snacks without the “bonus” treats – thank you very much.

So now, thanks to my visit to the AMC Theatre at Legacy in Plano, I can no longer eat popcorn. I have a new Taste Aversion.

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