Come On Work it Out!

One of my co-workers, who has innocent boyish looks but the wicked mind of a serial killer, brought in his external hard drive that was chock full of music and some other stuff that sounded a lot like people screaming. (Thanks Michael, please don’t put me in your freezer, alive, or dead for that matter)

A plethora of tunes from Ace of Base to Z Z Top, 25+ GIGs of music all to be loaded for my listening pleasure. So to put it simple, Beyonce had to get to work. (Beyonce is my iPod for those of you who haven’t memorized every single blog post that I have written. Shame on you for that by the way.)

One thing that they don’t tell you about trying to load 2000 songs onto an iPod all at once is that it takes a really, really long time. I have to wonder what is going on in there? PICK UP THE PACE B! Man, I feel like Jay Z already.

“Teachers” is on so I gotta bounce.

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